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Hey thanks for stopping by! 

I think I have always had a love for radio and the voices on it. 

As a young boy I played contests all the time and I even won a create a commercial contest in the late '80's with CHTN and thought it would be a great job.

Shortly after co-hosting a 1 hour lunch-time stint, I began to offer to work behind the scenes, actually answering phones for Gerard and then my career really started to take off.

In junior high and high school I was working and going to school. I was even followed by a camera crew for a feature story on CTV and YTV News.

I'm a proud member and Deputy Director of CASARA PEI. CASARA is Civil Air Search and Rescue.

When not in the studio, I spend time making memories with my amazing wife Autumn. We live in Pleasant Grove with our 2 boys Emerson and Montgomery and our baby girl Arizona.

Now some random facts about me...based on questions from listeners over the years.

I can't sing. Or dance. But I like to pretending that I can do both.

I can play one song on piano (The Final Countdown) thanks Liam.

I want to learn how to play harmonica. I have one and an instruction book, just haven't got the hang of it yet.

I like a good cup of tea (with milk!)

I use exclamations a lot when I type, I think its to try and make it look like how I would express it.

I've tried to grow a beard, but can't take the scratchy feeling. My best attempt was during vacation a few years ago, 8 days-but shaved it for my mom's funeral.

I had a chance to fly in (and take control of) a CF18 over P.E.I. in August 2011. Pics are here.

In the last few years, I've been nominated a bunch of of times for National Industry Awards at Canadian Music Week held in Toronto!


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