Hangin' With The Premier

Kirk, Kerri Wynne and Scott will give you unprecedented access on the air and online over the next few days of Prince Edward Island's new Premier Wade MacLauchlan (just sworn in May 4th).

This is one for the history books for sure!



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  • Bubbles Said:
    Jun 6 2015
    these videos were as funny as the trailor park boys. great job!!
  • Wayne Said:
    Jun 5 2015
    thank you all for providing the best side on this side of montreal.. i''m still laughing that hard it hurts lol
  • Shirley Said:
    Jun 5 2015
    funniest thing i''ve seen in a long time. you guys are hilarious!! it also made me see wade maclauchland in a new light. he seems very down to earth and can take a good joke. i think i like him more now that i''ve seen these videos. good job ocean 100!!!
  • Debbie Said:
    Jun 4 2015
    best sitcom i''ve seen in awhile. so enjoyable. what will we watch next week?
  • Edie l Said:
    Jun 4 2015
    enjoying watching the daily antics, and i thought coronation street was addictive ...lol
  • Cathy t Said:
    Jun 3 2015
    thanks for the laughs folks.
  • Barb m Said:
    Jun 3 2015
    this is the greatest to watch wade you have a great sense of humour and you are with two of our special people
  • Olive Said:
    Jun 3 2015
    great sports
  • Mike Said:
    Jun 2 2015
    is there any way that i could join your team because i think you guys are hilarious i absolutely think that was the funny thing please keep posting videos you guys are the best thing in the morning
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