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Here are some past questions & answers:

A dating survey asked men and women "What is the worst thing your date can do on a first date?" THIS is the #1 answer. What is it?? 
ANSWER: Be rude to wait staff!

In the 80's, we almost never did THIS. Now, 9 out of 10 of us do. What is it?
ANSWER: Wear seatbelts.

4 out of 10 men are impressed by a woman who can do THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: Bait a hook!

If you're over 40 , chances are good that you have THIS. If you're under 40 , you probably don't. What is it?
ANSWER: A phone book!

A guy is more likely to get a kiss on a first date if he does THIS! What is it?
ANSWER: If he talks about his mom!

The average woman will do THIS 6 times a day. The average man only 3 times. What is it?
ANSWER: Apologizes!

A recent survey asked people what talent they would like to have. 1 in 5 people said THIS! What is it?
ANSWER: Dancing!

1 in 4 newlyweds go into a marriage not knowing THIS about their partner. What is it?
ANSWER: Yearly salary!

This is the #1 lie told in the office. What is it?
ANSWER: I'm in a meeting!

The average person has 8 of these that they got for free. What?
ANSWER: Coffee mugs!

97% of women do THIS. But only 1/3 of men do. What is it?
ANSWER: Close their eyes while kissing!

Yikes! Almost 75% of us would choose THIS over our significant other. What is it?
ANSWER: A pet!

25% of men have done THIS because they think it improves their appearance. What is it
ANSWER: Shave their chest.

20% of grownups admit they could not complete THIS task if they were asked to do it today? What is it?
ANSWER: Pass a written drivers test.

1 in 5 say they have used the same one of these for over a decade. What?
ANSWER: Password!

In a new survey, 1 in 5 women said this will inspire them to lose weight this summer. What?
ANSWER: High school reunion!

A new survey says that only 1 in 10 men know how to do this. What?
ANSWER: Sew on a button!

4-out-of-10 women say they do THIS at the theater while watching a movie. What?
ANSWER: Take their shoes off.

1 in 5 drivers keep this in their glove compartment. What?
ANSWER: Toothpaste!

1 in 4 renters say this is more important than having a washer and dryer in their apartment. What?
ANSWER: High-speed internet!

THIS is the most offensive thing you can do with your cell phone. What is it?
ANSWER: Use speakerphone in public!

1 in 10 people can't wait for self driving cars so they can do THIS while "driving". What is it?
ANSWER: Meditate!

THIS is the most dangerous food to eat while driving. What is it? 
ANSWER: Chips!

When a stressed out married woman holds THIS , she shows immediate relief. What is it?
ANSWER: Her husbands hand!

According to a recent poll , 4 out of 5 of us think we're really good at THIS! What is it?
ANSWER: Taking pictures.

Half of all men say they do THIS every single weekend. What is it?
ANSWER: Visit a hardware or buiding supply store!

Half of married men say THIS is their least favourite thing to do. What is it? 
ANSWER: Watching chick flicks!

According to a recent survey, THIS is the least romantic place to propose marriage. Where? 
ANSWER: Their office/work.

Almost half of guys say once they get comfortable in a relationship, they stop doing THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: Putting the toilet seat down!

Almost half of men say they wish their partner would do THIS more often! What is it??
ANSWER: Back rubs!

THIS is the most immature behavior that women say they witness in men. What is it?
ANSWER: Laughing at their own burps and farts !

When the kids aren't home , over half of moms do THIS! What is it?
ANSWER: Play video games!

3% of people have been caught doing THIS at a traffic light. What is it?
ANSWER: Brushing their teeth!

THIS is the #1 profession that women said would make a man unattractive. What is it??
ANSWER: Mortician!

60% of home-cooked meals have THIS in common. What?? 
ANSWER: They have no vegetables !

Women were asked to name their favourite thing in life. Almost half of them said THIS! What is it?
ANSWER: Sleep!

Hard to believe , but 15% of people under the age of 35 years do not know how to do THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: Change a light-bulb!

1 out of 10 people say THIS is the worst thing you can do to your partner. What is it?
ANSWER: Watching one of “your” TV shows without the other person

3 out of 4 online daters are turned off by THIS! What is it??
ANSWER: Bad grammar!

Apparently you do THIS more in your 50s than you do in your 20s. What is it?
ANSWER: Sleep naked.

Almost half of all women hate it when their man does THIS in the bathroom. What is it? 
ANSWER: Leaves an empty toilet paper roll on the spool!

When blowing out birthday candles, 25% of women say they’ve wished for THIS. What?
ANSWER: More time with their husband!

Almost half of adults admit they do THIS at home, but only when no one is around. What is it? 
ANSWER: Drink out of a milk carton!

The average man has 9 of THESE! What??

The average couple does THIS 3 times a week together. What is it?
ANSWER: They Google or web search something together!

1/3rd of adults have one of THESE in their bedroom. What is it?
ANSWER: Teddy bear!

Co-workers who do THIS get along better and are more productive. What is it?


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